Many countries throughout Europe are seeing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases after successfully controlling outbreaks early in the year.

But how strong is the coronavirus comeback and does it even compare to the infection numbers seen in the spring?

Countries in southern-eastern Europe โ€” like Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Romania โ€” are seeing higher case numbers in July than they did earlier in the year. Serbia is one of the exceptions, posting similar figures now to mid-April.

Spain, Belgium Italy, France and the UK โ€” among Europe’s worst-hit countries โ€” are seeing a resurgence but, so far at least, nothing like March and April.

Experts say Europeans must be vigilant.

“If the virus finds an opportunity it will transmit between people and these clusters of cases will emerge,” said the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical lead for COVID-19 Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, speaking about the resurgence of virus outbreaks after lockdowns.

WHO emergencies director Mike Ryan said on Monday: “Every single country where pressure has been lifted on the virus, where the virus is still at the community level there’s been a jump back in cases and the question is how effective are authorities at reacting to those increased numbers.”

Source: Euronews