He added: “It was very surreal being rushed to hospital and my mind did start to wonder in case things took a nasty turn.

“However, I do feel lucky that I only have mild symptoms and that I haven’t had any breathing difficulties.”

Phil Adams, who owns the bar, said he was “absolutely devastated” by the cluster.

He added: “We’ve put a lot of measures in place and we’ve worked very hard to ensure all our staff and customers are safe.

“This is a very trying time, not just for me but for everyone involved with the business.”

A spokesman for NHS Grampian confirmed that the pub had โ€œa series of controlsโ€ in place with regard to distancing and enhanced hygiene, and had been collecting customer contact details.

He added: โ€œAdvice was provided on how these controls could be improved further and this advice has been taken on board with enhanced controls being implemented immediately. The business has co-operated fully with the investigation.โ€

Source: Telegraph