Is it worth it? (Picture: eBay)

eBay is normally used for selling old toys and clothes to make space in your home.

In the wake of COVID-19, however, it’s taken a very strange turn, and people are now selling Big Macs and McNuggets on the platform.

McDonald’s announced the closure of all their locations (for takeaway and delivery) this week, for the safety of staff and customers alike.

McFanatics were miffed at this, though, and desperate to get their hands on those sweet nugs however they could.

That’s where these enterprising eBayers came in, buying what they could get their hands on before the closure and selling it off for a premium in the later days.

People are selling Big Macs and nuggets on ebay after McDonald's closes Picture: eBay
‘Used’ (Picture: eBay)

Bidding on one Big Mac has reached £13.50 with 12 bids in total.

Far from a greedy seller, though, all proceeds of this will be going to NHS charities, with the post saying: ‘This is a collector’s item only and I DO NOT recommend eating this burger.

‘**Please note that while all measures have been put in place to ensure the pristine condition of this burger the likelihood of this burger deteriorated is high.**

‘100% of all proceeds of the sale will go to our amazing NHS staff on the front line battling this virus.

‘Good luck and stay safe.’

Another post for some ‘pre-owned’ nuggets has only managed to nab £2.40 in the bidding, although it does have three days to go.

The jokey listing says, ‘Nearly new full box of nuggets with 6 missing will swap for a 4 roll of Andrex quilted toilet paper.’

As you can imagine, postage options for these items are going to be limited, but if you want some frivolous fun (and to potentially own a bit of mouldy chicken that’s a little bit of history) then why not?

You could always make like this man, bury it in the garden, and have an interesting meal in a year’s time.

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Source: Metro