Portugal has launched its own brand of coronavirus travel insurance designed to attract British holidaymakers to a country still deemed unsafe by the UK Government.

Portugal Travel Insurance, a joint venture by the national tourist board and RNA Assistance Insurance, covers “medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses associated with Covid-19″.

It also extends to the cost of cancellation, interruption or extension of travel due to the pandemic. “The goal is to ensure all visitors to Portugal that they can travel around the country safely and with confidence,” Turismo de Portugal said in a statement.  Starting from €37.20 (£33.50), the insurance offers “complete coverage for unforeseen situations”.

Portugal has twice been excluded from the UK’s ‘safe’ list, due to its high rate of coronavirus infections, but the country maintains that its numbers are both low and superior to those of the UK. 

Any travel to Portugal currently would invalidate most travel insurance policies and requie a two-week quarantine on return to the UK.

Source: Telegraph