Locals in Cornwall have expressed concern at the crowds and lack of social distancing in the busiest regions of its coast.

Thousands of staycationers descended on Britain’s honeypot resorts this weekend amid the heatwave, with Cornish residents being particularly vocal about the hoards. One described the scenes as being like ‘Benidorm on steroids’ to the BBC yesterday and another protested that her family was ‘too scared’ to leave the house and go food shopping.

Journalist Rebecca Hallett, who is based in the Truro area, tells Telegraph Travel: “Looking at the main beaches in Cornwall, you wouldn’t know we’re in the middle of a pandemic. There are tightly packed crowds of (mostly maskless) people out on the sand and walking through town, with the crush seeming at least as bad as in previous years.

“As one of the UK’s poorest regions, Cornwall is desperate for its usual summer tourism income – but with few critical care beds in the county, many of us are terrified of the cost.”

Our destination expert Gill Charlton, based in St Ives, remarks: “It’s as if some visitors are taking a holiday from Covid-19 guidance too”, but she is generally less worried.  

“Yes, the beaches are busy but they’re not swamped,” she says. “It’s the usual August crowd: large family groups from all walks of life down for their annual holiday. For those who have been cooped up in cities it must be heavenly to relax on the beach under a warm sun and who are we to deny them a week’s respite from lockdown?”

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Source: Telegraph